I was feeling very stagnant in February of 2017 as far as creativity. I had more than a year of writing a daily post for a company in New York under my belt when they decided to shut down. I enjoyed the new challenge of writing, but the loss of that client affected me deeply.

While I had already secured a second writing gig, the work loss made me question my resolve to switch from video and motion graphics to writing. When I saw the Vimeo Weekend Challenge, I decided to give it a try and see if I could re-awaken my creativity.

I enjoyed making the project and I'm sure it helped me to carry on for a bit. However, I was already into a depression and I probably spent more time critiquing myself than enjoying the challenge. Now that I look at it again, I think it might be nice to try some more swishblogs, or perhaps more Vimeo challenges.

Additionally, since I am in a better headspace, it is nice to know that I can do video and writing in this new, digital world. I could be one of those content creators, content specialists or some other fancy buzz word.

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