Project Sadfies

If I'm not drawing or painting to be mindful, I often find myself playing with glitch art and digital collage. Without getting too far into some sort of pretentious artist statement, much of what I was making was a way of deconstructing myself. I was manipulating images of myself, old and young. The artist and the critic battling within the image.

Thus, I decided to make a series of images on the theme of emotions. Science has agreed there are six basic emotions: fear, anger, sadness, happiness, disgust, and surprise. Some new research points to 27 emotions. While these are great for communication, they fall short when describing our own feelings. Often we can feel angry and sad at the same time. Many other cultures have words to describe emotions that have no English translation. For example in German, Frühjahrsmüdigkeit means 'a state of lowered energy or mood associated with the onset of spring.'

Below is a number of selfies that sort of happened organically. I never set out to do a study or project. I made a few, and then just kept going. I was learning to manipulate the images with various pieces of software on my phone.

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