pagpag Art

Our mobile phones are hungry for our attention, whether it’s social networks, games, or messaging. You know how it goes, you have 10 minutes before an appointment so you entertain yourself with the phone. While I’ve been trying to carrying some pens and a sketchbook around, that damn phone is right there. So instead of mindlessly scrolling, I am attempting to create. This is how my glitch art started before the process evolved to utilize my PC also. Lately, I’ve been inspired to create “graphic collages” with the files on my phone. I really have no idea if that phrase describes what I’m doing. Hell, they’re my creations. I’ll call them **pagpag art**.

The BBC had this story about recycled landfill meat eaten by the poor in Manila called pagpag. I’m mixing digital media, hard copies, graphic design, and sometimes glitch. This process is recycled landfill meat for your eyes.

My glitch art was a result of me exploring my emotions. The #pagpagart is me experimenting and creating for me. Low self-esteem has made me a perfectionist and creating pagpag art is another way for me to let go. I’m not one for artist’s statements so this explanation already feels gross. Here’s what I’ve created so far–

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