Mantra Mutt

The watercolor and Inktober drawings have made me more relaxed, when it comes to creating. As I said before, I was a perfectionist, but now I'm less focused on creating the perfect painting and simply immersing myself in the process. Much of my paintings and cards are made with reference images. However, I started drawing a cartoony version of our dog for a personal project and I feel that this is a real step away from reference.

Sure I am drawing our dog, but obviously the images below are exaggerated. This isn't the first time I have drawn characters from my imagination, but it feels significant in my journey away from perfection. I don't have anything as technical as a character study of Mantra Mutt. Yet, that may come in the future as I grow, right? Mantra Mutt is my "brand," or cover art imagery for my personal guided meditations that I am creating. I've been sharing them on my blog for others, so I needed an image.

Mantra Mutt is also the first time I tried to convert a painting to a t-shirt. You can find it clicking the Store link below.

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