Low Polly Fun

On an assignment for a client I wrote a number of articles on 3D graphics, animation and design. I also reviewed software and websites related to the fields. To examine the value of Skillshare, I took Lucas Ridley's class, Low Poly Portrait Illustration. The results are below. I borrowed an image of Nathan Drake from the video game series Uncharted. Doesn't he suspiciously look like Nathan Fillion's character from Firefly? Regardless, I do need to play with this low poly look again because I really like it.

As far as my review of Skillshare, you can't beat trying it out before you buy it. How many universities offer that sort of deal? Zero. In the end, it comes down to the teacher. An instructor that I may gel with, may not work for you. Thus, I like the idea of trying before you spend money.

The image above is the beginning of Ridley's tutorial, a quick sketch over the image before you start making tiles. From there, a new layer is created where the tiles are created in Illustrator. He had a few tricks to make the process go faster, but it was certainly time-consuming. However, filters that attempt to accomplish the same look are too mathematical. The filters lack that uneven or quality of depth you can accomplish by hand.

Here's a look at the progress as I was nearing completion. The end result turned out nice. Next, I need to do a real person.

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