The 2018 Inktober went a lot smoother for a few reasons. At this point, I not only find drawing, painting, and creating as a mindful practice, but it is rewarding to me. Sure, I'm posting them here on this site and to social media, but the drawings are for me. I believe the main goal behind Inktober is daily practice to increase skill. The images aren't meant to be put in museums. Between 2017 and 2018, I really relaxed the perfectionism another degree. I embraced that I was drawing something for me and not for social media likes. Some of the images below turned out surprisingly better than I hoped. Others are blah. Being comfortable with that fact is new to me.

For 2018, I went with the official prompts. You know what? I didn't do all of them and that's okay. Also, I didn't follow through with that idea of getting a nice light tent or photography setup to take better images. Again, this work was for me. So it is what is. *Why am I blogging this?* It's good to remind myself about these things.

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