Inktober 2017

I took a 2-year graphic design program before enrolling in film school and I was surprised to learn I could draw. The two things I needed was time and a reference. That is, I could not draw you a cute bunny on request. I needed to see a picture of a rabbit. In fact, I would draw you that rabbit. I never let my imagination go to imagine a cartoon rabbit. When Inktober was about to begin in 2017, I was going through some stuff. I found drawing, coloring, painting, and being creative with my hands calming. Drawing is like meditation, it is a way to stay in the moment and not be drawn into feelings about the past and worries about the future. My partner might jump in here and talk about the late night anxiety I had trying to finish each day, but overall I learned a lot and enjoyed myself. Below is my entire month of drawings taken with an awful phone camera in low light. I suppose I need to buy a light tent kit for next year.

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