Here Goes Something

I have a blog where I can share my thoughts, emotions, or videos, animations, and songs I enjoy. Like many people, my photos can be found on instagram. Yet, I've still created this webpage to host my artwork separately from the blog. Why?

Did I have a spare domain name to use?


Did I tell myself it would be fun to learn a new Content Management System to build the site?


Do I regret having to learn an entirely new CMS for the 5th or 6th time in my life?

Fuck yes.

So...why did you do it again?

The push button world of The Jetsons is here. Computers have made things easier, and yet more complicated. I recently saw this video on manufacturing jobs in today's world. These types of jobs have a stigma of dirty, hard work. Yet, these are now skilled positions. Workers in these jobs once had laborious tasks, now they have to have a number of skills. The point is, technology has bled into every type of job. We have to be multifaceted in today's world.

I've got a site to show off my video skills, and writing portfolios on contently and muckrack. What's another one for art that isn't writing or video? Here's another facet of me.

Err, fine.

I don't know what I was thinking. I probably should have just stuck it on my blog. I suppose by calling it SikkLabs, I'm giving myself permission to let go of the perfectionism. Find my reel for my video skills in the link above. Find the odd things I tried here. That's it. That is the idea. I guess this is going to be my safe space. "Hey! Look! I tried to do a thing." Rather than beat myself up for said thing not turning out perfectly, I want to post it here. I want to get over the perfectionism and just keep creating instead of critiquing. So, welcome to the lab.

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