Handmade Cards

I wanted to do something special for my sister's birthday, so I decided to make her a card. In my college days, I worked in the theatre and sat through a number of presentations by people and organizations that rented the space. I remember hearing a person on stage share that he and his family always make cards rather than use another person's words in store-bought greeting cards. It's a wonderfully sincere idea. I hope to continue with this idea going forward.

Of course, it took me a long time to finish my stippling version of my sister's puppy, so the card was late. However, I enjoyed creating it because I find the stippling process very relaxing. While the finished version is above, below you'll see the inside, the original picture.

Update-- Summer 2018

I've been trying hard to continue this act of making cards for people instead of buying them. Below is a couple Mother's Day cards (and the inside of one), another birthday card, and a thank you stippling of a bed and breakfast's dog Carson.

Update-- End of 2018

The journey continues. I made another birthday card for my sister and my mother. Plus, a few Christmas cards for family and a friend. The Christmas ones felt a bit rushed, but it really feels good at the time of creating the work. All that business about it being the process and not the end product? Oh, right. I get that now.

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